Why is the UK going back into Lock-down?

Infections and Deaths in the UK

If you look at the latest data from the WHO, you’ll notice something strange. Even though COVID-19 testing numbers – and subsequent infection rates – have gone up immensely, the death rate is only increasing very slightly.

Take a look for yourself. The screenshot below is from the 21st of October, but you can find a more recent version of the data here.

UK infections and deaths

The WHO claim that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic. This means that there are a lot more people who have or have had COVID-19 but don’t even know about it. Increases in testing are obviously showing up more of these asymptomatic infections – without regard to the false positive controversy – even so, the increase in deaths in marginal in comparison.

An excerpt from a March WHO Report (linked above). No update has since been released so we can assume this statistic is still relevant.

The highest death count in recent weeks – 150 deaths on the 18th of October, is only 12.25% of the highest count from during the initial panic – 1244 on April 22nd.

The curve appears relatively flat to me. So how is another UK lock-down being justified?